Saturday, October 20, 2007

Investment Bankers do Models

*minimizes Excel, kicks off loafers, pushes back from desk, puts up feet and places keyboard in lap*

Ok, so now I have your attention with my post title... let's get started.

First off, the title is just an attention grabber. I'd say I am not an egotistical person. However, I believe that whenever a person has to claim that they are not something or place extra emphasis on what they "are" that, they are, in fact, really hiding their identity. (Yes, that was a bit confusing... just read through it a couple of times and it will make sense.) I am, me - I wake up, eat breakfast (if there is time), put on my pants, shirt and occasionally tie just like anyone else and proceed to crtl and alt my way around Word and Excel just like anyone else. I like my job and I am proud of the work I do. My work is a gateway to securing my future and having a safe and secure life later on.

Now, with that fluff out of the way. Let's get on to today's issue - honesty. Since all of you are out there in/on the interwebs (or the Internets, as our occasionally speech-impaired President says), you can raise your hands in complete anonymity. So - how many of us are honest? I mean truly, completely and unequivocally honest? All the time, when it counts and even when it doesn't count? With the people that matter the most to us? Serious question. How many of you are 100% honest all the time with everyone? on the things that really truly matter/count?

Yep. Ok, after a quick count.... I am pretty sure that all, that is right, every single one of us, fails to be truly honest with the important people in our lives... This is somewhat discouraging. I know I attempt to be honest, but there are countless occasions when I know that I have failed to be honest as well. This is sad. I realize there are occasions where one cannot be completely honest, where it would not be tactful, or where it would cause more harm than good. However, this is most likely less than 5% of the time where we have the opportunity to be completely honest with others. As I said before, this is discouraging. People deserve our best and they deserve our honesty, especially if they are family members or friends. I believe, I thoroughly believe that in many cases this is because we are weak as a society. We are weak as people and fear rejection or conflict should we speak our minds, as well as the fact that we know the other person cannot handle the truth. The most disappointing aspect is that this can apply to our nearest and dearest of friends.
I believe this is something on which we all need to work.
Anyways, I will write more later. Now, back to work!

(Note: Not referring to people I know, this is a societal observation)